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June 2019

Join Suzanne Tucker Nov. 11th in Newport Beach

June 2019
June 2019

Join Filicia and Newell Turner with the Next Wave of Designers on October 18.


4151 Redwood Ave. Suite 405
Los Angeles, CA 90066
T: 310.306.8100 | F: 310.306.2800

Murray Moss

Murray Moss

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  • topics
  • Art and Design: the Blurring of Traditional Boundaries
  • Home Interiors: Established and Emerging International Designers and Manufacturers, illumination into trends, hybrid methodologies and new technologies
  • In Ascending Order: My Personal Journey through Theatre, Fashion, and Design
  • New Criteria for Understanding Contemporary Design
  • Proscenium Retailing: New Retail based on a theatrical paradigm
  • Books and Press
  • New York Times, Style Section - October 2012
  • Interior Design Magazine - October 2012
  • Metropolis Magazine - May 2012
  • Elle Décor Italia - May 2012
  • Casa - December 2011
  • Additional Press

Tomorrow we do not want to be compelled to maintain our yesterday’s self.                            A good brand – human or otherwise – evolves.

Murray Moss and Franklin Getchell were the creative team behind the internationally renowned Moss design gallery that was located in New York's SoHo district from 1994 to 2012. Becoming an ‘anchor/destination’, Moss gallery is acknowledged to have been the infamous catalyst for the rapid metamorphosis of that entire district from Art galleries to a center for design.

During the past 17 years, Moss conceived and curated over 100 highly influential exhibitions.

In February of 2012, partners Murray Moss and Franklin Getchell closed their Greene Street store, and inaugurated Moss Bureau, created to serve as a Design Think Tank, providing economical and results-driven advisory services to all areas of the Design Sector. Recognizing the difficulties being encountered within all areas of the design industries today, and the urgent need for new approaches based on new thinking, the Bureau leverages Moss’s twenty years experience.

Moss has been acknowledged through numerous awards in his field, including the 2002 Chrysler Design Award and Russel Wright Award, House Beautiful’s 2000 Giants of Design Award, and Metropolitan Home’s 2004 Modernism Award. In 2007 he was inducted into Interior Design Magazine’s Hall of Fame.