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June 2019

Join Suzanne Tucker Nov. 11th in Newport Beach

June 2019
June 2019

Join Filicia and Newell Turner with the Next Wave of Designers on October 18.


4151 Redwood Ave. Suite 405
Los Angeles, CA 90066
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Lori Weitzner

Lori Weitzner

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  • highlights
  • Internationally renown with her holistic culturally based textiles designs
  • Her work has been exhibited and acquired by several design museums, including London’s Victoria and Albert
  • 2007 Interior Design Magazine “Best of Year Merit Award”
  • topics
  • Design and Color: Evoking Emotions and Healing
  • Design Process
  • Design Process: Using Your Sixth Sense
  • Modern Spaces: Using inspirations from nature and ancient treasures
  • Package Design
  • Textile Design
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Lori Weitzner

My design is about touching people on an emotional level. When I work, I always keep all my senses open.

Lori Weitzner, principal and creative director of her own New York-based firm, is internationally known for designs which cross a multitude of disciplines. Whether in the service of textiles, wall coverings, dinnerware, packaging, rugs, bedding, fashion accessories, paper goods or healthcare products, her aim is to conceive high quality design that appeals to a broad range of markets. A world traveler, she not only balances clients from many countries but incorporates diverse cultures and histories into the themes of her work.

With a BFA in textiles from Syracuse University (1983), Weitzner almost immediately co-produced a domestics collection for Fieldcrest. She started her own studio the following year, moved to Italy and created designs for Missoni, Fede Cheti, Rosenthal, Boller Winkler and others throughout Europe. Prestigious commissions followed: packaging for Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein and Elizabeth Arden; dishes and silk scarves for New York’s Museum of Modern Art, stationery for Marcel Schurman, and mural displays for Donna Karan and windows at Saks Fifth Avenue.