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June 2019

Join Suzanne Tucker Nov. 11th in Newport Beach

June 2019
June 2019

Join Filicia and Newell Turner with the Next Wave of Designers on October 18.


4151 Redwood Ave. Suite 405
Los Angeles, CA 90066
T: 310.306.8100 | F: 310.306.2800

Campion Platt

Campion Platt

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Design inspired by
the imagination
and realized through craft

Campion Platt earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University. His holistic approach creates highly personalized spaces, making him a favorite of celebrities, including Al Pacino, Meg Ryan, Roger Waters, Conan O’Brien, Jay McInerney and socialite Anne Hearst. A full gamut of specialized artisans and craftspeople execute Platt’s designs, which often incorporate new and innovative material uses.

The full service firm has been a leader in boutique hotel design, setting benchmarks with such projects as the Mercer Hotel in New York and the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Hollywood, both of which Platt was involved as co-developer as well. Recognition and accolades for Platt and the firm have been widespread, with ranking on Architectural Digest’s “AD 100” list of the worlds’ top interior designers, and New York Magazine’s “The City’s 100 Best Architects and Decorators.”

Platt’s ides of luxury consistently incorporate fine craftsmanship and contemporary styling as well as eco-sensitive design. For the past twenty years, his firm has shown clients across the country how to make modern design both sophisticated and soothing.