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June 2019

Join Suzanne Tucker Nov. 11th in Newport Beach

June 2019
June 2019

Join Filicia and Newell Turner with the Next Wave of Designers on October 18.


4151 Redwood Ave. Suite 405
Los Angeles, CA 90066
T: 310.306.8100 | F: 310.306.2800

Keith Granet

Keith Granet

Book Keith Granet

  • highlights
  • Founded Granet & Associates in 1991
  • Leaders of Design Council co-founder
  • Fall 2008 DSU Interior Design Summit, Featured Speaker
  • Guest lecturer, UCLA
  • topics
  • Business Planning: tools to evaluate, assess and manage design practices
  • Classical Architecture, Modern Architecture - You still need to pay the bills!
  • Creating a Buzz for Your Brand
  • Designer as Brand
  • The Art of Licensing
  • The Business of Design
  • Two passions, Creating Community and Building Brands
  • Books and Press
  • The Business of Design
  • Interior Design - September 2006
  • American Express Open Forum - April 2009

keith granet

We change your thinking from doing the things you have to do, to the things you want to do.

Keith Granet has over 30 years of experience working in the design industry, beginning with the highly respected firm Gensler, where he was an associate reporting directly to Arthur Gensler.  Keith formed Granet & Associates in 1991 to provide financial and operational support management services to the design industry. After working with almost four hundred design firms, Granet & Associates is now known as the premier management and licensing agency to the design industry.

Granet & Associates has a successful track record of streamlining operations and strengthening their client’s financial position through strategic planning, financial, operations management and product development. With a staff committed to management excellence, Keith Granet firmly believes that he can shift your business from “The things you have to do to the things you want to do.”

Keith teaches at the University of California, Los Angeles and is a frequent speaker and panelist at businesses and design institutes around the country. Keith is the founder of the Designer Speakers’ Bureau and co-founder of the Design Leadership Summit, an annual event that attracts the top design professionals from across the nation.  Keith’s new book, The Business of Design: Managing Profitability and Creativity, debunks the myth that entrepreneurial sense and creative talents are mutually exclusive has a release date of September 1st, 2011.